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Wicked Cyclone

Ride Info

North End

A Wicked Cyclone has touched down in the North End, and it’s on a collision course headed straight for you.

You’ll experience a smoother, faster and more intense ride along the 3,320 feet of track on Wicked Cyclone. The intense Hybrid coaster integrating both wood and steel stands 10 stories in the sky and reaches maximum speeds of up to 55 mph.

Once you board Wicked Cyclone, it quickly climbs the 109-foot hill to then plummet at maximum speeds while providing you with weightlessness and a truly wicked ride.

Wicked Cyclone is the first coaster of its kind to have a 200-degree stall and two Zero-G Rolls.  You also experience more airtime than any other coaster in New England on Wicked Cyclone.  

This attraction is presented by Snickers®.

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Ride Info

North End

By the Numbers

55 mph
109 ft
3320 ft
1 min 37 sec
Rocky Mountain Construction

Now Available

2022 Season Passes

Unlimited Visits From Now Until the End of 2022