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Ever have a memory so vivid it felt like you were reliving it all over again? Sometimes an experience is so fun you just wanna hit “replay” and try it a second time. Well this time you won’t be needing your mind, because Flashback is going to hit replay for you – just one time on this steel twister won’t be enough!

Pile into the sleek train and get ready to rock the 117-foot tall rails not once, but twice! To build up the velocity to make it through the course even a single time, you’ll need to haul backwards out of the launch tunnel up a steep hill, until you’re practically vertical. Then bam, you’re dropped down the track and go blasting back through the loading bay and straight into the action at 47 miles per hour.

You’re going to speed through spine-tingling twists and heart-pounding turns, and almost instantly shoot into one of the most unique flip-overs in modern coastering: the cobra roll. This is a double-inversion that dips in the middle to form the shape of a snake head, spitting you back out even faster in the same direction you started.

Why stop with one vertical loop when you can do two? We threw in an extra one as a bonus, as your train shoots through another 360. Then up the back lift hill you go. Take a moment to reflect on your journey thus far, because you’re about to go through the entire course again – backwards! You’ll reverse through the 360, then keep powering through the cobra, tail first. It’s amazing how different things will look the second time around!

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North End near Pandemonium


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Goes Upside Down

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