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Stampede Bumper Cars

Master the Art of the Fender Bender.

Crash into your competition and rev up for a round of classic bumper cars! Let your inner asphalt addict out for a rambunctious round of rubber road rage! Dodge and weave and crash through the old west on these classic bumper cars. Peel out into nonstop action on this classic bumper car race in Crack Axle Canyon. Step right up to the old western town, and like any frontier outpost, this town’s got its own stable, dentist, and of course a bumper car course! Pick out your favorite tri-tone ride — it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s fast. Your dream cars are super spiffy and ready for you to crash-em-up! You can ride alone as long as you’re 52” tall, or you can choose a two-seater with room for a co-piloting side-kick. Now jump in, and with one click of a seatbelt you’re ready to rumble. Grab the wheel, slam your foot on the accelerator, and get ready to roar! In real life driving, the goal is stay in between the lines, but on a bumper car course, just like in the old west, there are no lines on the road. They didn’t even have asphalt back then. Careening through the crowded course, swerve fast to miss a collision or you’ll bang right into your neighbor’s cars. Luckily those big rubber bumpers let you bounce off and keep right on driving—smack into the next fender bender! The electrically-powered cars take off straight and fast or zoom through 360s, it’s up to you. Just watch out because—bam! This crash course is the most fun you’ll ever have in traffic.

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Family Ride
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Minimum Height

52" to drive
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Crack Axle Canyon


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