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Old looking crates and cages.

Houdini – The Great Escape

Enter a world of magic and mystery inside the haunted estate of the most famous magician of all time, Harry Houdini.

You’ll wander through the old magician’s musty, old mansion, where creepy candelabras and stone gargoyles seem to have a life of their own. Or is that just the ghost of old Houdini playing tricks on your eyes? Films projected on the wall show Harry performing amazing feats of magic in days gone by, but you will feel like you’ve stepped right into a movie as you explore his elaborately decked out house. The lights are low, voices howl in the air, and you feel a shiver down your spine! Could that be you-know-who paying you a visit?

Enter into the parlor if you dare and participate in the ultimate séance — can you help bring Houdini back from the great beyond? Or is this all just an elaborate magic hoax? Be careful what you wish for — asking a disembodied spirit to come hang out with you in a spooky abandoned house is never a good idea.

Apparitions appear, and suddenly the walls themselves seem to shift and sway, as the whole room rotates around you, spinning in near darkness with only the spirits to keep you company. Your screams won’t help you now, so just hold on tight as the entire house seems to flip 360º around you. Are ghosts real? At this point, it’ll be pretty hard to stay skeptical, because you’ve just met old Harry himself!