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People on a large spinning pendulum.


One day a young warrior picked up an axe and thought, “Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if I threw this?!,” and the tomahawk was born. Lucky for us, he didn’t throw it straight up, because little did he know, his little moment of invention would lead to this: the biggest tomahawk the world has ever known. And he certainly had no idea it would be this fun, either.

Have a seat around the rim of the giant yellow disk and pull the shoulder restraints on nice and snug. You’re gonna be real glad they’re there in about 90 seconds, as you become a full-body tomahawk, flying end over end through the air!

As the whole disk starts to spin and cranks up to an incredible 18 revolutions per minute, you’re thinking about the classic centrifuge that you’ll feel to the depths of your belly. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, the world-class spin-fest your body is about to endure is only beginning, because it turns out this entire spinning disk is hanging in the air from the center of four enormous legs. That young warrior would need a lot more than an axe to chop these legs down.

All that airspace allows the spinning disk to simultaneously swing like a pendulum. Swinging back and forth in vast arcs, Tomahawk is adding lateral motion to your spin that will probably keep you disoriented for days.

This combo of intense spin with huge sideways movement creates a wave of motion unlike anything your body has ever experienced.