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SFGAm- Hometown Park- Red Baron

Red Baron

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Fly high up in the sky!


Youngsters are able to fly their very own World War I biplane replica! Each of the planes allow guests the opportunity to control the up and down motion of their planes as the entire structure revolves. You decide how high or how low your plane goes. Soar up high to catch new views of the park or dip down low to feel the speed.

When you are finished with your mission, you can check out the rest of the amazing rides in Hometown Park. Did you know that Hometown Park was a children’s area when the park opened in 1976? With our 40th season in 2015, we brought back these nostalgic rides to share with the next generation of thrill-seekers.

Fun Facts About Red Baron

  1.  Riders can choose between white or red planes.
  2. Red Baron is located in Hometown Park in the Hometown Square section of the park.
  3. Red Baron is one of two plane rides in the park, along with Zoomjets in Kidzopolis.
  4. Each plane can hold up to two riders.
  5. Riders can control how high or low they want to fly.

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