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Little Dipper

Ride Info

36" With Adult; 42" to Ride Alone
Yukon Territory

Junior Thrills, Major Smiles.

One day they’ll ride Raging Bull, but in the meantime, here’s a fun and friendly smaller-scale roller coaster for the little ones in your crew. Little Dipper may be small, but it packs a big punch, delivering lots of oohs and aahs for the mild adventurists in your family.

Jump on the train for a light-hearted, breezy ride through the figure eight running track. Your train will tackle swervy descents and swift turns, racing at moderate speeds that’ll make them scream and giggle at the same time.

Your car will chug through this whirlwind 700-foot-long track in about a minute. From a peak height of only 30 feet, your junior drop isn’t too steep, but is still exciting enough for a little tummy-tickle. Plus, the quick swoops, fast curves, and sudden switchbacks will be extra jaw-dropping for all the little up-and-coming thrill-seekers in your crew.

Fun Facts about Little Dipper 

  1. Six Flags Great America was able to salvage this ride from Kiddieland 
  2. The ride was originally built in 1950 and is the oldest ride in the park
  3. Little Dipper is a great roller coaster for younger thrill-seekers
  4. Little Dipper is located in Yukon Territory 
  5. Little Dipper was designed by Herbert Paul Schmeck 

Ride Info

36" With Adult; 42" to Ride Alone
Yukon Territory

By the Numbers

20 mph
30 ft
700 ft
1 min 15 sec