Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Concord, CA
Honolulu Halfpipe at Hurricane Harbor Concord

Honolulu Halfpipe

A stunning drop gets right to the point.

Seated in the tube, it's impossible to see the slide beneath you when you slide down the edge, picking up speed to propel you up the other side of the halfpipe. The intense thrill continues as you slide forwards and backwards, until coming to a splashing stop at the end of the ride. 

Honolulu Halfpipe is deceptively thrilling, with its steep drop, but after hanging loose the first time, you'll want to enjoy the thrill time and time again! 


By The Numbers

40 feet
1 minute
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Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Near Break Point Plunge and Coaster Candies

Need a Swimsuit
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