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Vertical Velocity

Ride Info

54"; 80" Max
Yankee Harbor

The simple things in life are often the most satisfying. At first glance, you’ll think you have the minimalist masterpiece Vertical Velocity all figured out. A clean, strong, U-shaped steel track spikes up in two impossibly high directions, one in an ultra-twisted inline curve, and the other straight up. Sounds pretty simple right? Well strap into this completely original suspended spiraling impulse coaster with your feet hanging in the air and see what surprises this brute has in store.

Do you like your excitement served fast? You will bolt out of the station and get to 70 miles per hour in less than four seconds. Quick, count to four, and that’s how fast you’ll accelerate to top speed.

First you will blast forward onto the 185-foot-tall twisted tower spike and whirl into a spiraling corkscrew at the top. Then you’ll race backwards, back through the station on your way to the 185-foot-tall vertical tower. When you are barreling through the center at top speed and coming up that vertical, you’re moving so fast you basically feel like you are simply about to blast off into outer space. Take a half-breath before you plummet back down that drop. It’s like throwing a totally vertical free fall into the middle of a roller coaster.

How does Vertical Velocity get you moving so fast from a total standstill? An unbelievably cutting edge, advanced electromagnet propulsion system does the trick. They call this a spiraling impulse coaster, and it’s the Midwest’s most extreme thrill ride.

Fun Facts about Vertical Velocity 

1.    Vertical Velocity opened with Déjà vu in 2001
2.    Vertical Velocity is a launched shuttle-style coaster
3.    Manufactured by Intamin under the name Twisted Impulse Coaster
4.    This ride uses a unique motor system known as Linear Introduction Motors or LIM for short
5.    The train is a ski lift style
6.    Vertical Velocity is often called V2 for short
7.    In total, riders cover over 2,700 feet of track on their 45 second ride experience 
8.    Riders go vertical three times in the front and twice in the back
9.    There is a total of 630 feet of U shaped track
10.  Vertical Velocity is known for the sudden launch often accompanied by a 3,2,1 countdown

Ride Info

54"; 80" Max
Yankee Harbor

By the Numbers

630 ft