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Sky Trek Tower

Taking Six Flags Fun to New Heights 

The rotating, aerial cabin offers views of the Great America skyline from 28.5 stories in the air. Take a relaxing ride as you ascend up the tower learning about park history. Sky Trek Tower provides incredible views of the park and the surrounding area. This ride is the perfect first stop for the entire family. 

Take this opportunity to see the park from a new view and plan out what you want to do for the day! 

Fun Facts about Sky Trek Tower 

  1. Sky Trek Tower is the tallest structure at the park and the tallest free standing structure in Lake County, at 330 feet
  2. Sky Trek’s cabin carries people to 285 feet
  3. The tower was fabricated in West Germany and carried by ship to the United States
  4. The tower weighs 200 tons
  5. You are able to see Lake Michigan and on clear days the Chicago skyline