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Giant Drop

Ride Info

Southwest Territory
Strap into your chair and settle in, because the ride to the top of the 227-foot tower will be the longest, most anticipatory seconds of your life. You’ll be hoisted up more than 20 stories in the air as the people below you grow further and further away. When you look down, all you’ll see are your feet dangling in the air and the sheer drop of 227 feet straight beneath you. As you crest the top of the tower, enjoy your free moment of weightlessness and the overview of the park. But don’t get too comfortable, because it’s time to do what a drop tower does best – drop you! You know it’s coming, but there’s no way to prepare for the sudden, without warning, plummet back down to earth. Your seat will release and you’ll plunge straight down to the ground at a staggering 62 adrenaline-charged miles per hour — so fast you’ll barely have time to scream. It’s the ultimate free-fall adventure. Fun Facts about Giant Drop 
  1. On opening day, 200 couples from throughout the midwest took the ultimate plunge in a wedding ceremony on the ride.
  2. The mass wedding ceremony took place in the Southwest Amphitheater.
  3. Couples were pronounced husband and wife on the ride just before they dropped.
  4. The Giant Drop was originally going to be Wile E. Coyote’s Giant Drop.
  5. The magnetic brakes are frictionless making the ride the smoother.
  6. Giant Drop is classified as a drop tower.
  7. The Giant Drop in height is equivalent to 20 stories.
  8. The Giant Drop is placed in the Loco Diablo Mine.
  9. The Giant Drop has been made into the “Ore Excavator” of the Loco Diablo mine.
  10. Giant Drop stands at 227 feet.

Ride Info

Southwest Territory

By the Numbers

45 sec