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Big Easy Balloons

Ride Info

None With Adult; 48" to Ride Alone
Mardi Gras

Touch the clouds in your own hot air balloon!

Get ready for a peaceful hot air balloon excursion high over the park. Climb into one of the green, yellow, and purple colorful striped balloon baskets and get ready to lift into the air on this mild hot air balloon ride.

Settle inside your basket and then it’s 3-2-1-lift-off. The balloons drift up into the air and start to spin around the center. Your personal hot air balloon circles, floating up and around and swiftly blowing in the breeze. Your balloon slowly rises higher and higher, giving you an incredible vantage point as the ride revolves around like a carousel.

You can simply look over the edge of your basket to enjoy a daring view of the family-friendly park below you, or you can just sit back and relax on your mellow flight. Gazing out over the park from Big Easy Balloons, you will feel peaceful and calm.

Fun Facts about Big Easy Balloons

  1. Big Easy Balloons is located in the Mardi Gras section of the park. 
  2. This ride was one of the first rides introduced in the Mardi Gras territory in 2004.
  3. Big Easy Balloons was designed by Zamperla Rides in Italy.
  4. Each gondola seats 4 passengers.
  5. This ride is one of our tamer rides and great for young park goers. 

Ride Info

None With Adult; 48" to Ride Alone
Mardi Gras

By the Numbers

1 min 45 sec

Now Available

2022 Season Passes

Unlimited Visits From Now Until the End of 2022