SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight
SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight

SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight

A detailed explanation of how to leap over tall buildings.

Up in the air, it’s a bird, it’s a plane … it could be you. This heroically-proportioned 106-foot tall steel champion is not just one of the most creative and insanely designed roller coaster you will ever ride. More importantly, you will get to experience the world through SUPERMAN’s eyes.
Step over the threshold of the giant iconic letter S, and into the world of stupendous speed and effortless fluidity. The red and gold tracks shoot in front of and behind you just like the blur of SUPERMAN’s cape, as you travel at hyper-sonic speeds most humans have never known.
You’ll ride the way Superman flies—face down and head first. This is the ultimate way to experience the challenge of the mind-ripping new legend, the pretzel loop! Once you clear the first ten story drop, you’ll fly into this totally innovative loop design, which is really two inversions in one. You can tell from the name of the pretzel loop that you’ll be more than slightly twisted by this warped track!
Then, with the grace of SUPERMAN, you’ll tackle a high speed horseshoe-shaped curve, a breathtaking helix, and then a full 360-degree in-line roll. Good thing you left your kryptonite at home.
There is a sense of total fluidity and control as you maneuver this track. You’re a pro now, as you sail head first over the razor thin track. You'll have a wide open view of the world as it blurs past you, while soaring through the air like an adventurous super hero.

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