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42" With Adult; 48" Without Adult; No Infants

This fan-favorite classic wooden coaster will always have you coming back for more! With brand new train cars, this ride is looking better than ever. So, grab some friends and prepare to face the WILDCAT!

On this WILD ride, you will experience all the thrills of MAX speed and MAJOR air time. Climb all the way to the treetops before pouncing on your prey. The over 60-foot drop sends you on a high-speed prowl as you whip your way through the trees.

While sprinting through the twists and turns, you’ll have no choice but to surrender to this BEAST of a cat. You might as well throw your hands up and enjoy!

For those begging for more, come back at night for a whole new experience. If you thought the dash through the woods was WILD during the day, then prepare to lose track of space and time once the sun goes down. The Wildcat slows down for no one – leaving your senses at the top of the hill as you struggle to figure out where the track goes next.

Ride Info

42" With Adult; 48" Without Adult; No Infants

By the Numbers

46 mph
2 ft
National Amusement Devices

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2022 Season Passes

Unlimited Visits From Now Until the End of 2022