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Silver Bullet

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be shot out of a six-shooter?

On Frontier City’s Silver Bullet, you will know exactly how that feels! This out-of-control ride reloads its ammo of 28 passengers before cranking up eight stories, giving you a great view of the park before pulling the trigger.

You will know exactly how this ride got its name as you speed down at nearly 50 miles per hour before shooting into a HUGE loop. You’ll ricochet at HIGH speeds around steep banks and POWERFULLY blast through a head-chopping tunnel before re-loading the cannon for your next ride!
Are you prepared for this MAXIMUM level thrill?

Pro tip from our guests: You will experience an even more INTENSE whip if you sit in the back of the train!

  • Silver Bullet Fast Facts:
    This ride was installed in 1979
  • You’ll be FLYING 47 MPH through the clouds!

Ride Info


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2022 Season Passes

Unlimited Visits From Now Until the End of 2022