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Tiger laying down in puddle on rocks

Temple of the Tiger

At the Temple of the Tiger, guests can encounter one of the world’s largest cats! This exhibit allows guests to see either Bengal or Amur tigers up close and personal. The Amur, or Siberian Tiger as they are more commonly called, is the world’s largest cat. Male Amur Tigers can weigh over 500 pounds! The Bengal Tiger is slightly smaller, but still equally as impressive and beautiful.

Most days, guests can view the Tigers playing with their toys, or taking a cat nap in the sun. Like most cats, Tigers sleep 18-20 hours of the day, so don’t be surprised to find the Tigers upside-down on their backs enjoying a nap.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom works with Tiger Conservation groups, like The Fund for the Tiger, in order to help save wild Tiger populations. The Tigers at The Temple of the Tiger serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts in order to educate the public on Tiger conservation. On select days, guests can follow the grand staircase up into the Temple of the Tiger to witness a demonstration of a Tiger’s natural abilities and their relationship with their caretakers.

Animal Fact

Near Boomerang Coast-to-Coaster
About Tigers

  • Scientific Name: Panthera tigris
  • Speed: up to 40 mph

Fun Fact

Tigers can use their ears to communicate. 

Conservation Status

Both the Amur and Bengal Tigers are endangered species due to poaching and habitat destruction.

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