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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Medusa riders at the top of the crest
View of angle of ride
Seen from afar through all of the tracks


Conquer the Monster by Facing Your Fears.

In Greek mythology, the dreaded monster Medusa was half woman and half serpent. Even the bravest warriors were no match for her. It is said that she was so nasty that just one look at her and her hair full of deadly snakes would turn any mortal into stone. With seven relentless inversions looping like snakes made of steel, let’s see if you can face up to this legendary beast.

At 3,937 feet, Medusa is the longest and highest coaster in Northern California. Dangle your feet in the air because you’ll be taking this one floorless.

Medusa is not one for small talk — she cuts right to the chase. Battle a 150-foot hill and a 150-foot drop. Then brace yourself because you’re in for one of the tallest vertical loops in the world – a whopping 128 feet. This is followed immediately by a dreaded dive loop and a zero G roll. At 65 miles per hour and taking as much as 4.5 G’s, Medusa won’t be the only one with her hair standing on end.

Get ready for the dreaded “sea serpent” roll. This is a super rare variety of a cobra loop, and Medusa is the first ride to ever attempt it. This double-inversion uncoils halfway between the first and second loop and spits you back out even faster in the same direction you started.

Curling so smoothly, like a giant living snake, Medusa slithers through seamless transitions from one mindblowing setup to the next, in a white-knuckle flow that will make your hair stand on end — literally. Add two flatspins and an insane finish with a hellacious helix and sick s-shaped turn and you’ll be staring Medusa right in the face, and living to tell the tale.

Beneath Medusa lies the remains of a witch who destroyed a thriving town and left a terrible curse for anyone who dares to set foot on the property.

Deep below the tracks of Medusa are the remains of a small town. Had things gone differently, it might have become one of biggest cities in Northern California. But But 150 years ago a witch cursed the town, and now anyone who sets foot on the property — anyone who rides the coaster — risks being damned for all eternity.

She raised her arm and pointed. Shoelaces became snakes. Hair caught fire. Spiders swarmed from pockets. Her flesh began to melt in the growing flames, and her laugh, an insane cackle, rose above the crowd and hovered throughout the night.

It was agreed by all that she was evil and must die. They dragged her to this spot, over 150 years ago, and tied her to a post. Screeching and calling people by name, she seemed not to care. As if she knew she couldn’t die. As if she knew she’d come back laughing.

The community lived in fear. She had brought an infestation of grasshoppers, the size of birds, that destroyed crops, devoured livestock, and slowly reduced helpless babies in their cribs to bone and gristle. Her love potions turned young girls’ tongues green with rot, and she had perfected the use of maggots in many spells.

She cursed them all that October night, as the flames rose higher. Next time, she will show no mercy. The site of her death, where people once laughed and still do, will forever be a place of terror. Especially, in the bewitching season.

Minimum height: 54″.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
65 mph
150 feet
3,937 feet
3 minutes, 15 seconds
Bolliger & Mabillard
Key Features
Capacity 32 riders, 7 inversions, World's ONLY sea serpent roll

What do you think?

The Medusa Witch
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Oasis Plaza


Goes Upside Down

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