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Roller Coaster Bucket List at Six Flags St. Louis

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The Roller Coaster Bucket List: Which Rides To Conquer First at Six Flags St Louis

Creating a roller coaster bucket list is more than just jotting down a collection of thrill rides to conquer—it’s a thrilling journey of anticipation and exhilaration. Your roller coaster bucket list becomes a road map for adventure, guiding you to the parks that can deliver gravity-defying drops, heart-stopping loops, and the sheer joy that comes with conquering these incredible coasters.

If you’re looking to check off more thrilling rides this summer, make plans to visit Six Flags St. Louis. This park opened its doors in 1971 and was the third park built by Six Flags, so you might say this park knows a thing or two about adrenaline-pumping experiences.

Six Flags St. Louis is home to bucket-list-worthy coasters and even more thrill rides! So, sit down and hang on tight as we share what makes these iconic roller coasters so special.

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The Boss

Classic wooden roller coasters hold a timeless allure for many coaster enthusiasts, and this one definitely delivers. But one of the things that make The Boss stand out is right under your feet: the ground.

The Boss is known as a “terrain twister” because it incorporates the natural topography of the land into the architecture of the ride. But this isn’t exactly a scenic tour—you’ll blaze down a 150-foot double-down drop and then tunnel through the middle at 65 miles per hour.

BATMAN™: The Ride

BATMAN: The Ride is at the top of the list for many DC Comics fans and theme park thrill-seekers, and for good reason. This inverted coaster delivers one of the most intense rides in the park.

As you journey through the world of THE DARK KNIGHT, you’ll blaze through two vertical loops, a zero-G roll, and two corkscrews—all with your feet dangling in the open air below. This electrifying ride amplifies the sensation of flight, but only if you’re brave enough to answer the Bat Signal.

American Thunder

At first glance, you might think American Thunder is simply a classic wooden roller coaster. With a closer look, you’ll find that this majestic beauty combines complex architecture with steel on wood track for a smooth yet exhilarating ride.

Sixteen hills offer ample air time as the serpentine track darts through hard turnarounds and high-banking curves. American Thunder is the perfect choice for first-time riders looking for a thrilling experience on an iconic track.

MR. FREEZE™: Reverse Blast

MR. FREEZE is easily one of the most intimidating coasters in the world. Riders are launched forward from the station, going from zero to 70 miles per hour in a blistering 3.8 seconds!

Immediately after, you’re shot into a staggeringly high “top hat” loop, the train twisting around the track as you hurtle up and down the 90-degree slopes of this loop.

Now, if that wasn’t enough to send shivers up your spine, hold on tight—after a 180-degree overbanked turn, MR. FREEZE sends you straight up a cold-blooded 236-foot tower. It’s enough to make your teeth chatter on the hottest day in July!

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Ninja – The Black Belt of Roller Coasters

Ninja doles out more kicks in its 2,430 feet of track than a martial arts master in a high-stakes showdown. This coaster slices through the air at 55 miles per hour while maneuvering through corkscrews and sidewinder loops.

A master of stealth, Ninja packs in five inversions before you even realize you’re under attack. Don’t let those low-banking curves fool you—this one is a master of thrilling technique.

Screamin’ Eagle

If riding a record-breaking coaster is on your bucket list, you’re in luck. Screamin’ Eagle’s 110-foot height and 62-mile-per-hour speed were instant Guinness Book of World Records on the day the ride opened. What’s more impressive, though, is the sensation of soaring along 3,800 feet of track at frighteningly fast speeds.

Don’t be fooled by the stately appearance and charm of the ride’s classic, white wooden architecture. The Screamin’ Eagle is aptly named, and you’ll understand why just seconds into the ride.


Standing below this radical ride, it’s easy to see why it earns the name of Pandemonium. This coaster is 1,351 feet of pure chaos. To start, you and three others will sit inside a red quad car as you dive into this wild, unpredictable world together.

You’ll rip through tight turns, two helixes and a camelback, all while spinning (seemingly) out of control. No ride is ever the same, so you can ride this one again and again—that is, if your stomach can handle it.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Whether you live nearby or you’re planning your next road trip, Six Flags St. Louis is a top destination for bucket-list thrills and unforgettable experiences. As you check off each ride, you’re not just completing a list; you’re creating your own inspiring story as you face fears, rise to the occasion, and show determination through each twist and turn.

Create memories that last a lifetime by sharing the celebration and sheer joy of conquering these coasters with family or friends. Start planning your next adventure with tickets or a season pass.

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