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Low Sensory Room


Our Low sensory room is a space that has been designed to provide an immersive sensory experience for people with various abilities. This space helps guests engage with their senses in a safe and relaxed environment, regardless of their age or ability. A calming sensory room is helpful for a child or adult who has ADHD or Autism, because it helps them process what they’re taking in and adapt to deal with overwhelming sensations, strong emotions, thoughts, and urges that they might be having.

This space was designed and created in partnership with eSpecial needs who’s mission is to to make life easier for parents, more enriching for children, more accessible, and more enjoyable for the entire family. 

Our Low Sensory Room is located on the back side of the Ride Information Center right across from Xcalibur inside the park.


Projector Wall

Sensory lighting is projected onto the wall to improve orientation through visual stimulation. Our projector provides an element of movement to our sensory room, and the oil wheel effects disc creates an organic, ever-changing imagery as the wheel rotates.


Bubble Tube

The sound of water transforms this space into a tranquil atmosphere. The Bubble Tube features a padded platform and safety wall bracket, allowing guests to sit on the platform while enjoying the soothing lights, sounds, and vibrations emitted. 


Marble Wall Panel

Guests can explore all their senses with the interactive  Marble Wall Panel gifted to the park by eSpecial needs. The activity panel is 56” tall and is embedded with more than 2,000 colored marbles. The vibrant LED light keeps the marbles cool to the touch.

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