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Celebrating Autism Awareness Month: Low Sensory Sundays at Six Flags St. Louis

This April, Six Flags St. Louis will be celebrating Autism Awareness Month by providing additional accommodations to all its guests with low sensory needs through the park’s second annual Low Sensory Sundays. Every Sunday of the month, starting on Sunday, April 7th, the entire park will be low sensory accessible. Now what exactly does this mean?  

Low Sensory Accommodations

Every Sunday the park will reduce the amount of sound produced by turning off, or at least turning down, as much sound as possible. This creates a calmer atmosphere and allows guests to simply hear the natural sound of the park.  Guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy a private, one-on-one character meet and greet in a low sensory setting. This provides Guests the opportunity to meet one of the characters without the chaos of a typical character meet and greet. Low sensory character meet and greets will take place from 11am-2pm.  

And fountains located throughout the park will be dyed blue to honor Autism Awareness Month and our guests with sensory sensitives. 

Six Flags St. Louis does not just provide low sensory accommodations during the month of April. Throughout the entire operating season, Six Flags St. Louis has a Low Sensory Room available for those who need to take a break to relax and reset. Some of the features within the Low Sensory Room include a projector wall, bubble tube, floor mats and an interactive marble wall! This room was designed and created with the guidance of  eSpecial needs, whose mission is to make life easier for parents, more enriching for children, and more accessible and enjoyable for the entire family.  

Sensory Ride Guide

Along with Low Sensory Sundays and the Low Sensory Room, Six Flags St. Louis is an IBCCES Certified Autism Center that offers a Sensory Guide that rates each ride’s sensory level. The rides are broken into five categories: mild, moderate, high, very high, and maximum.  

Mild Sensory Rides

Feature slower speeds, mild thrill levels, and may have some spinning or light noise from either music playing out of the sound of the ride itself. Some mild sensory rides include Colossus, Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots, Tweety Twee House, and Tommy G. Robertson Railroad. 

Moderate Sensory Rides

These rides have a bit higher thrill level than mild. The speeds are a bit faster, and they have more motion with a higher noise level. Guests also have the potential to get splashed on water rides. Some moderate sensory rides include Log Flume, Tsunami Soaker, and Yosemite Sam Tugboat Tailspin. 

High Sensory Rides

These rides have fast speeds, more movement, and much higher noise levels. Some rides may go upside down or have rapid spinning motions. Some high sensory rides include Fireball, River King Mine Train, and Rookie Racer. 

Very High Sensory Rides

These rides are some of our more intense thrill level rides. They have loud track noises, high speeds, rapid drops, and quick turns. Some very high sensory rides include Screamin’ Eagle, SkyScreamer, and The Boss. 

Maximum Sensory Rides

Take on our most intense and highest thrill rides. They are high speed, noisy, fast changing, can go upside down or have sudden drops, and they almost always have screaming Guests on board. Some maximum sensory rides include American Thunder, CATWOMAN Whip, and MR. FREEZE™: Reverse Blast. 

This guide helps Guests know in advance whether a ride may be too overstimulating, providing the best experience possible. Sensory Guides are available at The Ride Information Center and Guest Relations. If necessary, Guests may also visit www.accessibilitycard.org to obtain an Accessibility Card before they visit the park.  

Join the Low Sensory Fun

Join us at Six Flags St. Louis this April for some low sensory thrills every Sunday this April in honor of Autism Awareness Month. Enjoy reduced sound levels, private character meet and greets, and blue dyed fountains. Plus, explore our Low Sensory Room and utilize our Sensory Ride Guide for the best experience. Plan your visit now for a sensory-friendly adventure! 

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