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Tommy G Robertson Railroad

Tommy G. Robertson Railroad

It Doesn't Get More Classic Than This.

Woot woot! Board this classic working 25-ton steam locomotive and tour the park in grand style on the original Six Flags Railway. The beautifully maintained red and black steam engine tooting its famous whistle is yours for the afternoon. You'll ride through the park, taking a relaxing tour of everything Six Flags St. Louis has to offer.

This station is smack dab in the 1904 World’s Fair, right next to Colossus. It’s just about the coolest way possible to get to Bugs Bunny National Park. Your friendly train conductor will point out all the best attractions, so you can make a mental note of what to hit next once you get off the train.

For now, just take a breather from the wall-to-wall thrills on this relaxing train ride, a family favorite for generations.

What Our Guests Say

  • "This ride is "off the rails" fun and unpredicable excitement. A one of a kind ride, in an incrediblely scenic park. :)"
    - Joy S. From Illinois Coasterfan
  • "I loved riding the Train during Fright Fest! The pyrotechnics and costumed characters created a unique and spooky ride!"
    - April S.
  • "My son, who is into all motor cars, loved it!"
    - Jason B.
  • "The Tommy G. Railroad is a great asset to the park because it gives you a unique way to view the majority of the park and great scenery from a comfortable seat."
    - Nicholas W.
  • "The Tommy G. Robertson Railroad is always a treat to ride after walking around the park all day.Great work guys!"
    - Nicki M. From Jefferson City, Mo
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

1904 World's Fair

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