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American Thunder

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1904 World's Fair

Wooden coaster design dates back to the origin of the earliest theme parks. But every year, we learn how to become faster and higher, in one mind-blowing construction after the next.

Now you are going to experience the best of the old world and the best of the new!

At first glance, American Thunder looks like a classic wooden roller coaster, with mind-blowingly complex architecture rising 80-feet high over the park. But it is in fact built with ultra-modern techniques, so you are going to get that classic feel with a smoother, faster, and more exciting ride than those old wooden coasters ever dreamed possible.

The adventure starts with an 80-foot drop turning at a 90 degree angle. We hope you like airtime, because American Thunder will make your body levitate out of the seat with non-stop negative Gs on hill after hill after hill. In fact, there are more than 16 different hills on this run, and every single one of them is designed to maximize float time.

This serpentine track has a mind-ripping total of 14 cross-overs! Your specially-designed Millennium Flyer car will feel more like a needle threading through the impossibly twisted track, smoother than any wooden coaster you’ve ever experienced.

You will zoom through the course at a whopping 50 miles per hour through hard turnarounds and high-banking curves, while snaking through a precision-engineered masterpiece of pure wooden magic.

This kind of action is timeless!

Ride Info

1904 World's Fair

By the Numbers

50 mph
80 ft
2700 ft
Great Coasters International Inc.

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