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The Anaconda: A Top 5 Water Slide by Extreme Water Parks

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The Anaconda: Named a Top-Five Water Slide by “Xtreme Waterparks”

Looking for some summer entertainment to satiate your desire to get out and have fun? Possibly hunting down thrills to check off your bucket list? If so, consider Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, where you can conquer several fast-paced, exhilarating water attractions. One of our most popular attractions being Anaconda: a massive tube slide that is 5 stories tall with multiple twists and turns!  

You may even recognize this slide by its previous name: The Constrictor. Thanks to its impressive height and three corkscrew turns, it was placed at No. 3 in Travel Channel’s “America’s Super Waterslides: Top 5 Waterslides in the U.S.!”

All About Anaconda: An Extreme Water Slide

As you climb the stairs to the top of this towering flume, you can really see how the coiling structure mimics the snake it’s named after!

Once you reach the top platform, you’ll wait your turn to board a two-person raft and wait for the go-ahead from the ride attendant.

After receiving the go-ahead, you will set off into the dark, enclosed tube with only your raft to protect you. It is meant to be thrilling after all!

Despite its intimidating appearance, riders of all ages can experience the Anaconda! As long as the rider is over 42” tall, they are welcome to brave the great slide. 

If you’re looking to overcome a fear, or just try something new, this attraction is the perfect one for you. Reaching around 50’ in height, Anaconda is one of the tallest slides in the park, so you can definitely take on many others if you feel up to it!

And you can even get yourself an extra treat afterwards to celebrate your bravery for conquering the Anaconda.

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Extreme Water Slides and Thrill-seeker Experiences

Sharing a staircase and platform with Anaconda is Wahoo Racers: a six-lane speedway where you and five others can ride together, each taking a lane that’s visible to the rest of the party!

Other fast-paced slides we have include Bonzai Pipelines, Bahama Blaster, and Mammoth Falls, which all offer plenty of action-packed adventure! These thrill water slides range from high speeds and turns to plunging drops for more exhilaration.

If you are ready to rest and relax, or just prefer a slower-paced day to spend time with loved ones, then head to one of the family rides where you can let all your cares float away. Adventure River and Hurricane Bay are ideal places to unwind. Whether you’re floating along the river or chilling in the wave pool, both are perfect ways to have fun while still maintaining that stress-free environment.

Speaking of being stress-free, if you need a short break from your children—don’t worry, we get it— they can still have plenty of fun in  Splash Island: over 10,500 square feet of water-based fun and a massive play structure! There are also plenty of lounge chairs in the shade for both parents and kids to relax in when you need a break from the Arizona sun.

Additionally, created specifically for children and families, we have Coconut Bay: a kid-sized water park, featuring kid-friendly versions of some of the park’s most thrilling attractions. This section also includes water toys, spray zones, and plenty of shade.

Plan Your Next Hurricane Harbor Phoenix Adventure

Whether you are ready to earn your bragging rights on Anaconda or have another adventure in mind, there is something for everyone at Hurricane Harbor Phoenix!

Don’t miss out—purchase your single-day tickets or Season Passes now and get ready for a summer of endless fun and unforgettable memories!

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