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Hurricane Harbor Water Slide Guide For Solo & Group Riders

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Riding Solo vs. Groups and Pairs: Know Your Water Slides at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix

Welcome to the world of  Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix! Where your enjoyment is our top priority! Presenting: The Ultimate Ride Guide, so you can plan, navigate, and conquer all of your amusement goals! Whether you’re riding solo or sharing your experience with others, we’re here to provide it all. 🙂

From a heart-stopping free fall, to a relaxing cruise down a lazy river, or some good old-fashioned family fun, there’s something for everyone at Hurricane Harbor Phoenix.

Sit down and hang on tight—as we go on the journey of highlighting the exciting experiences of riding solo, with groups, or in pairs.

Riding Solo

There is a distinct thrill and sense of freedom as you launch into the unknown to ride a water slide solo for the first time. Conquering a slide by yourself can be a real confidence boost, especially for younger riders!

Even a solo ride can be a memory-making experience! The anticipation builds as you wait in line… the excitement builds in your stomach as you ascend the stairs, seeing the bright sun as you reach the top. Time to ride!

And hey! Get yourself a treat afterwards as a reward for reaching the bottom! 🙂

Solo rides are the ultimate test for those wanting to push the limits of their bravery!

Looking for Hurricane Phoenix rides that offer solo riders maximum adrenaline rush? Look no further than the Anaconda or the Bonzai Pipelines.

Consider checking many of the solo rides off your list in the morning when lines are at their shortest —especially for single riders!

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Riding in Pairs

Riding with your best friend, romantic partner, or parent can be a special bonding moment. You can lean on each other for encouragement as you make your way to the top of the slide!

Make sure you and your ride partner are both comfortable with the intensity of the ride before you go! Park signage and our website allow you to check out the intensity of each Hurricane Harbor thrill ride before you go. Choose from mild, moderate and maximum! We want you to have a splashtastic time without compromising your comfortability!

Double your fun when you ride Bahama Blaster, Anaconda, Adventure River, Bonzai Pipelines or Typhoon Twister/Serpentine Complex in a two-person tube. For a great family adventure, take on Mammoth Falls, Big Kahuna or Tornado in a tandem raft.

Riding in a Group

Group rides are great for making family memories or adding a little friendly competition to your day in the park!

When you ride as a group, you’ll get to share the experience with your entire party! See their smiles, hear their laughs, and talk about it all after.

On a ride like Big Kahuna, lifeguards will help you and your group members safely get seated inside the raft before launch. Another lifeguard will be waiting at the bottom to help you unload and return your raft.

On Wahoo Racers, you and five friends literally go head-to-head as you plunge down a six-lane speedway. After getting the go-ahead from a lifeguard, someone from your group can kick off the race by shouting, “ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!!”

Group rides are also great for getting to know other park guests! Park staff can help solo riders find a group or match up pairs to maximize the number of guests who can experience a ride at one time.

On busy days, group rides also allow you to cut down on time spent waiting in line, as these lines tend to move faster!

Kids’ Attractions

Don’t forget to bring the youngest members of your crew to experience all the fun that Hurricane Harbor rides and attractions have to offer!

Children love to explore Splash Island: a new, 4,700-square-foot kids’ pool and interactive play structure. When you need a break from the sun, there are lounge chairs and shade in a secluded area just for kids and parents.

Coconut Bay is a kid-sized water park created especially for children and families. It features kid-friendly versions of some of the park’s most thrilling attractions, plus water toys, spray zones, and plenty of shade.

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Family Rides

If you have a family or group with a wide range of swimming abilities and ages, Family Rides offer lots of options to splash and play or relax and unwind together!

Adventure River is a winding river filled with wave action, tipping buckets, and waterfalls. It is open to all guests. Guests standing 42 inches tall or under must wear a life jacket, which is provided free of cost at the river’s entrance.

Paradise Island offers hours of fun and is a great way to stay cool in the sizzling Phoenix sun. You and your group can beat the heat in the giant activity pool with over a quarter of a million gallons of clear, refreshing water. The zero-depth entry makes it easy for little ones to play safely!

Thrill Rides

Those searching for the maximum adrenaline rush will love all the water park rides at Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, where you can find some of the tallest, fastest, craziest water rides in the country. (Fun fact: Anaconda was featured on the Travel Channel program “Extreme Water Parks”)!

Get ready to twist and turn your way to unforgettable experiences!

Plan Your Next Hurricane Harbor Adventure

Whether you’re a solo adventurer seeking personal thrills, part of a lively group, or enjoying a fun day with your best bud, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix has the perfect water slide for you.

Whatever your riding style—solo, group, or pair—there are lots of ways to share smiles, screams, and laughter.

Don’t miss out—purchase your single-day tickets or Season Passes now and get ready for a summer of memorable water fun!

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