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Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Rounding the bend on the Six Flags and Texas Railroad
A real steam train arrives to the Texas Depot station
Guests wait to board a real steam train

Texas Depot

Ride the Rails with a Gust of Steam!

What’s the classiest way to get around? By steam engine of course!  All aboard at Texas Depot, in the neighborhood we call Texas, for the Six Flags Railroad, the classic steam engine train ride that’s been running in the park for more than five decades.

Consult with the train scheduler at Texas Depot. He’s busy sending telegrams by Morse code, but he’ll definitely make time to find you a route. There’s one leaving for Boomtown soon, so get ready to take a ride deep into the wild Texas frontier.

Your train is departing for a relaxed-pace, scenic ride through the park. You’ll pass through a hobo shanty town, complete with our resident hobo taking a bath in a barrel.  There are teepees and wild animals along the route, and even some dancing tamales! Feel the breeze on a journey paced slow enough to let you enjoy the sights on the comfy wide-bench seats of the train.

Check out the steam engine design of the engine car, with a wide grille and classic locomotive wheels. It looks authentic because it is! You’re riding on a working steam engine built more than a century ago. Obviously, these beautiful trains were built to last!

By The Numbers

Top Speed
7 mph
8 minutes each way
H.K. Porter/Ameican Locomotive Works

What Our Guests Say

  • "The Texas Depot makes me feel like a child again, and allows us to cool our heals while taking in the scenery."
    - T. Blackwood
  • "...the best amusement park train rides ever!!! I felt like I was back in time as the engine chugged along."
    - Jason L From Houston Tx
  • - Joeyb!
  • "We have visited many parks in U.S. and foreign countries, but we have never been to a park that had a steam train!"
    - Ken W Arlington
  • "The Texas Depot has always been a staple ride in my family for the ease of getting from one side of the park to the other when you're exhausted at the end of the day. "
    - Bryn K From Denton

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Closed for the Season

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

No lap children
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