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Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Guests riding the Runaway Mine Train
Guests riding the Runaway Mine Train

Runaway Mine Train

Make History in Your Own Backyard.

Welcome, cowpokes, to the original and most classic roller coaster in the original and most classic Six Flags park. You’ll journey back to the old west on a runaway mine car that just can’t slow down. In fact, this was the very first mine car style coaster, a well-loved concept inspired by American frontier history that was later copied all over the world.

On more than 2,400 feet of track, you’ll fly through an old mining town at 35 miles per hour,

A series of snaking S-turns will get the breeze in your hair. The authentic mining town setting only adds to the fun. You’ll zoom past old prospector tents, covered bridges, and through the dark rock crusher quarry.

And finally, your high speed mine car will pay a visit to the Ace Hotel and Saloon. Wave high to the old timey barkeeper, as the countless coaster fans have who passed through before you, from across the great history of the park. And now it’s time for the legendary final drop. You didn’t just take a tour through history, now you’re a part of that history.

After the collapse of the Boomtown Mines, outsiders struggled to reopen them. They were successfully able to salvage some of the mine’s tracks, but all who helped mysteriously vanished. The Boomtown Terror Mine Train is all that’s left of the mines… along with some not-so-happy souls.

In 1787, the bloodbath known as “Boomtown Terror” changed the small mining community of Boomtown, Texas forever. The residents used to be friendly, welcoming folk, but when outsiders began to swarm the town to take its gold, they became violent. After they slaughtered all strangers, the residents realized that the Boomtown Mines had been severely damaged during the assault.

For months on end, the citizens of Boomtown worked tirelessly to try to save what was left of the mines. In the beginning, a couple of mine workers disappeared, but the townspeople credited it to the unstable mines. The mines were known to collapse over the past couple of years. Not long after, more and more of the workers began to disappear, and residents began to fear the mines.

One fateful day in October, a worker came screaming into the center of town, bloodied with what looked like claw marks all over his body. The mayor asked the man about what he saw, and in a terrified whisper the man replied “Them.” All work trying to salvage the mines ceased after that day.

Boomtown was soon abandoned as the mines were the town’s main source of commerce. Over 200 years have passed, and the mines have become a popular tourist attraction as of late. Guests who have traveled on the Boomtown Terror Mine Train are said to have seen the eerie souls of the outsiders murdered as they drop into the depths of the mines.

Min. Height- 42 inches

By The Numbers

Top Speed
35 mph
35 feet
2,500 feet
4 minutes, 45 seconds
Arrow Development Company
Key Features
World's first runaway mine train roller coaster

What Our Guests Say

  • "My family loves the Runaway Mine Train because of all the sudden twists, turns, tunnels and the final drop in the saloon!"
    - Courtney R, From Vernon, Texas
  • "I love how the last big climb sneaks up on you after you've gone through hills that ended in nice curves, instead of drops."
    - Danette L. From Sulphur Springs, Tx
  • "my favorite... The timelessness of the old western card game, and sharp plunge into the dark tunnel is still a thrill!"
    - Dee H. From Fort Worth
  • "The Runaway Mine Train is a terrific ride for the whole family! Don't forget to say "Hi!" to those mannequins before that death defying drop!"
    - Jasmine
  • "This was so fun to ride with my 61 yr. old dad, and my children. "
    - Crystal Lawson

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Boomtown Terror Mine Train
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