Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas

New Texas Giant

An Adrenaline Rush as Big as Texas.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and there’s no debate here – you’re looking at the tallest steel hybrid roller coaster in the world. What’s a hybrid? That’s a coaster that combines the best of all worlds – classic wooden architecture and the latest in high-tech steel engineering. It all adds up to the smoothest high-speed wooden course on the planet.

You may remember the legendary Texas Giant from when it first opened as a world class wooden coaster. To celebrate its 20th birthday, this magnificent structure was brilliantly remodeled with the very latest in steel track technology, taking a classic into the new millennium and beyond.

Once you pile into your Cadillac-style train, complete with horns on the hood, you’ll face nearly a mile of all new glistening steel tracks. You’ll race at a gasp-inducing swift 65 miles per hour, starting with a stunning 153-foot high lift and one of the world’s steepest drops on a wooden coaster. How’s that for big?

Then it’s onto the action, with high banking turns and swift switchbacks. You’ll power up and down tight slopes with crazy pockets of airtime. Weaving in and out and around the glorious wooden structure, you’ll careen over the humps and bumps of a classic wooden coaster design, but with all the muscle and class of a cutting edge modern ride, until you hit the madcap finish tearing through a set of three sudden misty tunnels. By the time you cruise back to the station, you’ll know why the New Texas Giant is not just the biggest, but also the best.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
65 mph
153 feet
4,920 feet
3 minutes, 25 seconds
Originally introduced 1990; Reintroduced April 22, 2011
Dinn Corporation
Key Features
Steepest drop of 79 degrees

What Our Guests Say

  • "...TX Giant is one of my all time favorites! Riding up front feels like you're being pushed through the entire ride; and riding in back feels like you're being pulled through. "
    - Doug T. From Grand Prairie, Tx
  • "Our five year old son just hit the 48 inch mark and rode it three times in a row!!"
    - Jenn S. From Flower Mound, Tx
  • "The New Texas Giant provides great airtime and lateral G Forces. "
    - Ben H From Norman, Ok
  • "The steep drop took my breath away, and the neon lights in the tunnel were exhilarating!"
    - Leo C. From El Paso, Texas
  • "Hearing the wood strain as the ride goes vertical, then straight down into a hairpin turn at high speed is the reason man built coasters."
    - Gary A Ainsworth

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