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Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Guests enjoying La Vibora

La Vibora

Win the Gold Medal for Slithering!

There’s an old saying that goes “red and yellow - bite a fellow, red and black - friend of Jack.” By looking at the color of a snake’s stripes, you can tell how dangerous it is. Well, looking up in the sky at the nearly 1,500-foot long striped body of an enormous snake winding through the sky, you’ll notice he’s got red, yellow, and black stripes. That means you can’t trust this one!

You’re about to meet La Vibora, translation, “the viper,” a completely original coaster that you ride inside the track — which in this case means inside the snake.

Your train will pulse through the interior of this snake-shaped half pipe. There are no rails to ride on — you’ll be blasting over a completely smooth surface, surfing the walls of every turn like a slithering serpent, at 32 miles per hour. With no track whatsoever to guide you, you’ll feel more like the captain of an Olympic bobsled team than the plain old thrill-seeking coaster fiend you were when you boarded the ride.

You’ll wind all the way down his long body from 64 feet up, banking hard up the walls of snake belly at every stomach-churning twist. Snake taming should definitely be an extreme sport.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
32 mph
64 feet
1,490 feet
1 minute, 40 seconds
Intamin A.G.
Key Features
Turn banking: 16 to 70 degrees

What Our Guests Say

  • "I love that it gives you that thrill of sudden drops and turns like other coaster."
    - Arianna Cortez From Fort Worth
  • "La Vibora is a family friendly fun ride! It takes you on winding curves with breath taking speed!"
    - Jason Bosher From Arlington ,tx
  • "My five year old granddaughter rode the LaVibora for the first time. As we were walking down the exit ramp, she started jumping up and down yelling, "That was amazing!!!!""
    - Tim D From Burleson Tx
  • "I loved riding the Vibora with my Dad! I loved the speed and turns!"
    - Jacob C. From Mansfield
  • "It's perfect for people who are a little scared to ride a real bob sled alone, and great for couples that want to snuggle."
    - Janie A Of Irving

What do you think?

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Mexico & Spain


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