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El Sombrero

Some might call it a spinning top, while others might say whirling dervish. Most folks just call it “the hat ride,” but whatever you name it, El Sombrero is ready to deliver sensational spins. Step right up to the enormous Mexican hat in bold yellow and red. As far as twisters go, this will be the topper! Find a seat along the brim – there’s room on each bench for you and a friend, but whoever’s sitting on the outside will probably get crunched the most.  Now the whole giant sombrero will start to spin. You better hang on to your hat, because before you know it, the entire hat lifts and tilts like it was blowing in the wind. Right about now you’ll be dividing your time between giggling, not getting squashed, and just plain hanging on.  Not a bad way to spend the afternoon!