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BATMAN™ The Ride

Ride Info

Gotham City

The Ride will show you what it feels like to be BATMAN, on this deeply intense 50-mile-per-hour juggernaut that is definitely not for the timid. Show your strength and bravery as you take on GOTHAM’s criminal element.

Deep in GOTHAM CITY, check out the authentic BATMOBILE on your way into the adventure. At first the lovely park grounds of GOTHAM seem peaceful enough, but decay and crime start to creep in the further you go. A wrecked and vandalized police car should be a hint that law and order have flown out the window.

You’ll journey deep into the bat cave, tricked out with all the latest high tech gear of Bruce Wayne Industries. But there’s only one piece of gear that matters right now, and that’s the steel inverted beast you are about to board, blasting off into the sky over GOTHAM. As you load into your chair swinging from an overhead track, note that you’re about to fight crime with your feet just dangling free in the air. Following a 10 story lift to the top of the world, brace yourself for a full 360 degree loop right off the bat.

You’re a global super hero, you don’t need to warm up. After escaping that obstacle, now there’s a fully inverted roll, then a second loop waiting for you about ten seconds later! Next you’ll be pounded by a double set of corkscrew descents with enough G-force to make you scream in slow motion. How does a whopping 4 Gs sound? Because that’s what you’ll be taking right about now. All in all, you’ll face a mind-warping five inversions.

Who’s that right next door? It’s only MR. FREEZE, blasting his latest victims up the 21-story tower. It’s your duty as BATMAN’s crew to show that other ride who’s boss! Now watch the ground under your dangling feet whip around as the city below flips over and over, through a tightly packed series of gravity-defying twists that will grind you into submission just like the criminals of GOTHAM CITY.

Ride Info

Gotham City

By the Numbers

50 mph
109 ft
2700 ft
2 min 15 sec
Bolliger & Mabillard

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