Dare Devil Dive

Immerse Yourself In The Virtual World Of The New Revolution!

For the first time ever at Six Flags Over Georgia, reality will be bent and the space time continuum will be broken as we bring you into a new world of virtual reality on The New Revolution! With state of the art VR headsets, you and your party will be taken into an alternate universe as you step on board the guest-favorite Dare Devil Dive and prepare for battle.

Once you put on your headset, you are no longer a guest at Six Flags Over Georgia, but a trained soldier in the near future as your ride transforms into your very own fighter aircraft. The Earth is in danger and has been taken over by an invading alien force. Their mother ship has been hovering over our city and is preparing to destroy the world! You have been trained and selected as the newest recruit in the elite fighter squadron “The Patriots” and it’s time to take our planet back! You are the co-pilot of not just your ship, but your destiny. So be sure to read your HUD for mission details!

Once you board your aircraft, you will feel the exhilaration of being towed to a launching location, turning on your thrusters and speeding through 90 degree drops, corkscrew twists and evasive turns through the city skylines at electrifying speeds of 50 MPH! The mother ship is heavily protected and it is your mission to penetrate through the drones and destroy it before the alien’s wipe us from existence! Are you ready to be a hero? Are you ready to take on The New Revolution?


Or Ride Dare Devil Dive As You Always Have!

The words “dare devil” get thrown around a lot when you’re at a world class theme park, but what do they really mean? The dictionary says thrill-seeker, adventurer, and swashbuckler. You’re about to find out what it’s like to be a daredevil on this steel adventure that will take you past vertical to some completely unexplored territory.

Part of an elite class of roller coaster known as a “Euro-Fighter,” this extreme zoom-fest throws down the ultimate challenge right off the bat. You are taken up a 95-foot tall lift hill—but it isn’t really a hill, because this lift is straight up. In fact, most folks would call that a tower. Then you round the top of the spike and free fall straight down, curling back under the lift for a drop that is actually more than 90 degrees.

You’re just getting started on a full-bodied adventure around the rails. Next you’ll soar into an inverting twist which delivers you to a monstrous dive loop, which you’ll take like a pro. You’re really earning that title of dare devil on this smooth-riding snake of a course that serves a series of high banking turns and twists, for a mind-warping total of three inversions.



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Max Height
95 Feet
Euro Fighter Coaster

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