Tackle your phobias in a fun way.

How do you feel about heights? We know there are a lot of daredevils out there who think they can handle any challenge. But everyone has their limits, right? Acrophobia will take you right up to that line and then drop you from it.

Take a look above you. This mind-blowingly tall tower soars 200 feet straight up. This is no ordinary free fall. Usually on those types of rides, you at least have the benefit of a floor to rest your feet on as you scoot up to the top of impossible heights. But not this time, because you’re going floorless.

Riding a tiny harness that’s similar to a bicycle seat, your feet will just be dangling below you as you pulse up 20 stories.

But don’t spend the whole time looking down. Acrophobia rotates you as you rise up, so if you have the nerve to keep your eyes open you’ll be able to see 360 degree views for miles.

When you get to the top, brace yourself for another innovation as you are tilted past vertical to directly face the ground below you. You’ve got a couple of seconds to work up your courage as you stare straight down at the 200 foot drop below you, and then it’s time to do what a drop tower does best—drop you. You plummet down the whole length of the tower in just over three seconds—so fast you’ll barely have time to scream.

A cutting-edge system of rare earth magnets is in place to catch your fall. Hopefully you’ve conquered your fear of heights.



By The Numbers

Max Height
200 feet
Ride Type
Stand-Up Gyro Drop Tower
May 1, 2001

What do you think?

Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Peachtree Square


Available for this Ride
Goes Upside Down
Strobe Effect

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