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Enhance Your Experience with One-Day Add-Ons

Cover all your bases with One-Day Dining pass, THE FLASH Pass, a Digital Photo Pass and more. Buy now and avoid additional lines the day of your visit.


Spend your day making thrilling memories, not waiting in lines! THE FLASH Pass allows you to continue your fun and ride when it's your turn.

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THE FLASH Pass Regular

Wait virtually for your favorite rides

As Low As: $80.00/ea
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THE FLASH Pass Gold reduces your wait time up to 50%

As Low As: $105.00/ea
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THE FLASH Pass Platinum

THE FLASH Pass Platinum reduces your wait time up to 90%

As Low As: $190.00/ea

For the best deal on parking, buy now before you get to the park.

Green Parking Sign and Car

General Parking

Save time and purchase general parking before your visit.

$35.00/each vehicle
Blue Parking Sign and Car

Preferred Parking

Park closer to the entrance!

As Low As: $40.00/each vehicle

Front Gate Parking

Park even closer to the gate!

$45.00/each vehicle
Purple Parking Sign and Car

Valet Parking

Our most convenient parking option!

$65.00/each vehicle

With a One-Day Dining Deal, eat at the park all day for just one up-front payment. It's the best way to stay fueled during your visit to Six Flags!

One Day Dining Deal Icon Orange

One-Day Dining Deal

Get one meal, a snack and a beverage!

Now Only: $24.00/ea

One-Day Dining Deal with Drinks All Day!

Enjoy one meal, one snack, and drinks all day!

Now Only: $40.00/ea

Leave the park with a complete record of your visit including Ride Photos, Character Meet Greets, Front Gate images and more!


All-Day Picture Pass

Add unlimited park photos all day long and access them anywhere!


Stay hydrated all day with a Drink Bottle!

One-Day Drink Bottle

Get unlimited refills on the first visit!

Now Only: $21.00/ea