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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California

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The Black Belt of Roller Coasters Takes You on a Family Fun Adventure.

There’s a reason Ninja is known as “The Black Belt of Roller Coasters.” This thrill is a suspended swinging roller coaster. There are only four of this kind in the entire U.S. and you’re about to ride one of them. You’re hanging from the track, which on this insane ride is above your head. Shoulder harnesses secure you in place but don’t expect to just sit in one place — you’re going to be swinging all over, a full 90 degrees each way.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
55 mph
2,700 feet
May 1, 1988
Arrow Dynamics, Inc. Clearfield, Utah
Key Features
Capacity: 28 riders

What do you think?

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Samurai Summit


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