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SFGA,-HHR- Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

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The Midwest’s first and only tailspin waterslide, Tidal Wave, is NOW OPEN! As Hurricane Harbor Rockford’s 12th waterslide, Tidal Wave will send riders gliding through three high-speed turns, giving the experience of limitless wave riding. Reaching speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, riders will be awestruck by the radiant Aqualucent special effects during their 43 foot descent.

Tidal Wave with sky

Tidal Wave is Hurricane Harbor Rockford’s 12th waterslide!

Tidal Wave with sign

Tidal Wave is the Midwest’s first and only tailspin waterslide!

Tidal Wave with two riders

Riders will experience limitless wave riding as they spiral down the 43 foot descent!


Become awestruck by the radiant Aqualucent effects as you glide through the slide!

Tidal Wave turn

Riders will swirl through three whirling, high-speed turns as they take the descent!

Ride Info


By the Numbers

15 mph

43 ft


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