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Enriching Educational Field Trip Experiences at Six Flags

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Field Trip Fun at Six Flags Great America

When it comes to engaging students in math, science, and physics, few places offer an immersive experience quite like Six Flags Great America. We partner with teachers and administrators each year to take learning to new heights through unique educational opportunities. 

Welcome to the Science Lab

Your students will SCREAM for the chance to study physics, math, and science while observing (and riding) world-class coasters and thrill rides. But what sets these educational days apart are the top-notch resources available to teachers and educators. 

We’ve made it easy to pair your curriculum with FREE Six Flags student workbooks and teacher manuals. Plus, you can adapt your experience to meet the learning objectives of your group. Introduce the physics of motion in amusement park rides or dive deep into physics equations using data-collection apps.

Tailored experiences throughout the park make it easy to plan a STEM field trip your students won’t soon forget. Our educational programs can be geared toward a wide range of ages and abilities, as students explore topics that include:

  • The physics of motion in amusement park rides 
  • Roller coaster engineering 
  • The science of amusement park rides 
  • Physics principles in roller coaster design

Whatever you choose to study, students can engage with educators and park staff who are excited to show them how STEM concepts can be applied to park attractions.

Physics Day 2024: Unveiling the Science Behind Thrill

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Mark your calendars for April 25, 2024—Physics Day at Six Flags Great America. This specialized program caters to students eager to understand the intricate forces that power Six Flags roller coasters, thrill rides, and attractions. From acceleration to gravitational forces, students can explore real-world applications of physics through specially designed activities and demonstrations. 

This private event gives participants hands-on learning experience and exclusive access to the park, maximizing their ability to collect data from some of the most scream-inducing roller coasters and thrill rides. 

Prepare and integrate your STEM field trip with your existing curriculum by downloading FREE teacher manuals and student workbooks for your day in the park.

With discounted admission, meal packages, and educational presentations, you’ll have everything you need to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Learn more about our 2024 Physics Day.

Math & Science Days 2024: Making Excitement Quantifiable

This year, Six Flags Great America will offer Math & Science Days on any regularly scheduled operating days from April 27 to June 30, 2024.

These days aren’t just about the thrills—they’re about the excitement of learning.

Inside the park, students can explore the mathematical concepts behind ride design or uncover the equations that bring roller coasters to life.

Here, the principles of motion, energy, and acceleration aren’t just quiz material—they are experienced by anyone with a bit of courage!

Downloadable resources for teachers and students make it simple to incorporate your STEM field trip into your math and science lesson plans.

Plan your trip and spark curiosity among your students with an unforgettable day at Six Flags.

Learn more about our 2024 Math & Science Days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can educators integrate this experience into their curriculum?

Six Flags provides FREE lesson-planning ideas, downloadable manuals and other resources, making it easy for educators to align the park experience with classroom learning objectives.

Are STEM field trips suitable for students of all ages?

Yes, the park offers educational programs suitable for nearly all grade levels, ensuring an enriching experience for every participant.

Do students have access to park facilities during these events?

Absolutely! They can enjoy rides and attractions while collecting data and participating in educational programs.

Find more FAQs here.

Make Learning an Adventure

Six Flags Great America goes beyond being a mere amusement park; it’s a dynamic classroom where education meets excitement.

Your students will not only enjoy the adrenaline rush but also gain a deeper appreciation for math, science, and physics principles in roller coaster design and the real world.

Accelerate your status to “Best Teacher Ever” with an experience that fuels a passion for learning. You can count on Six Flags to turn an ordinary field trip into an extraordinary educational adventure.

Hurry, space is limited! Request information to learn more about Physics Day and our Math & Science Days.

Need help planning your next STEM field trip? Contact our Group Sales Office to create a custom experience for your school or educational group.

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