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New Speedy Parking: The Fast Lane to Six Flags Fun in 2024

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Frontier City's Speedy Parking: Accelerate Your Theme Park Thrills

As Six Flags Frontier City eagerly anticipates the arrival of the 2024 season, the park is buzzing with excitement and preparations. Looking for a faster way to get in on all the fun when we officially open for the year? Add a Speedy Parking Pass to your Frontier City single-day ticket or Season Pass to spend less time parking and more time in the park!

By streamlining the parking process, this new parking service aims to revolutionize your experience from the moment you arrive. Speedy Parking ensures minimal wait times and maximum convenience, allowing thrill-seekers to accelerate their fun right from the moment they enter the park.

So, buckle up—we’re going to cover everything you need to know to get the most out of your Six Flags Speedy Parking Pass!

Speedy Parking Perks

Hassle-free Entry – If you’ve pre-purchased a Speedy Parking Pass, you can skip the line at the toll plaza. Join the Speedy Parking Lane as soon as you arrive at the park to get to a toll booth and the awaiting theme park thrills much faster!

Preferred Parking – Speedy Preferred Parking Pass holders get to park right up front! You’ll save time walking to the entrance when the park opens, and your feet will thank you at the end of the day when you can walk straight to your car!

Easy Add-On – You can purchase your pass prior to your visit through the Six Flags mobile app or Six Flags website. You’ll just need your license plate number and payment information.

Park All Day or All Season Long – Single-day ticket holders and Season Pass holders are both eligible to upgrade to Speedy Parking.

Thinking about a Season Pass? Preferred Parking is included with your Diamond Pass. You’ll get not only unlimited access to ALL Six Flags theme parks and water parks but also a 20% discount on all food and merchandise purchases.

Speedy Parking App

The Six Flags mobile app is the easiest way to manage your Speedy Parking Pass from your smartphone. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

To use your Speedy Parking Pass, you’ll need to register your license plate number. Save time and do this ahead of your visit!

Pass-holders may register two license plates with each Season Speedy Parking purchase. Daily Ticket holders who have purchased Speedy Parking for the day may register only one license plate number.

If you need to change your license plate or add a second, go to the Pass section in the Six Flags mobile app and find the pass with which it is associated. To edit or add a second license plate, click on the link below the pass card.

Season Pass holders must upload their Season Pass to the mobile app to use their preferred parking benefit. Keep in mind that you can use your Speedy Parking Pass at your home park or at any Six Flags property with available Speedy Pass Parking. See the Speedy Parking FAQS for more information.

Your Green Light For Fun

If you want to be first in line for Frontier City’s most thrilling rides and roller coasters and/or you want a shorter walk to the park during the 2024 season, Speedy Parking is the way to go. Plan your visit, skip the toll plaza and head straight to the action with Speedy Parking!

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