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Lost & Found Services

Lose something?
Frontier City’s lost and found is located at Guest Relations on the North side of the park.

Lose a parent or child?
Youngsters can wait for their misplaced parents at Guest Relations. Establish a meeting time and place for members of families/groups to gather should anyone get separated. If assistance is needed to locate a lost child, please contact a Team Member.

Lose something on a ride?
Lost items will not be retrieved during operating hours. Please see Guest Relations and fill out a Lost Item Report. We will contact you if the item is found. Items will be kept for 7 days after retrieval. Any guest attempting to retrieve a lost item within a restricted area will immediately be escorted from the park without refund. Before your visit, please plan ahead and leave irreplaceable items at home or label them with your contact information. We do not save items such as socks and underwear, personal baby items (such as bottles, pacifiers, and sippy cups), unmarked film canisters, unmarked disposable cameras, personal toiletry items, and hair accessories.

Loose articles are defined as cell phones, pagers, hats, cameras, stuffed animals, umbrellas, beverage containers, personal entertainment devices, purses, backpacks, etc. These items may be left in a locker, your vehicle, with a non-rider, or at the owner’s risk on the ride platform. However, Frontier City is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

If you found an item please report it here.

Report a Lost Item

Lost & Found Services

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