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The Top 6 Must-Ride Thrill Rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

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Unveiling the Thrill: Exploring the Top 6 Thrill Rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Step into the whirlwind of excitement that is Six Flags Fiesta Texas, where the party never stops and the adventure never ends! 

This guide is your golden ticket to the most pulse-pounding, hair-raising thrills and extreme roller coasters this amusement park has to offer. 

Brace yourself for adrenaline-fueled fun as we cover the best thrill rides in San Antonio!

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Iron Rattler

Saddle up and ride into the Wild West on the Iron Rattler. This hybrid coaster combines classic wooden architecture with modern steel technology for a ride that’s as smooth as silk. But don’t let the legendary Iron Horse Track fool you—this coaster moves faster than a prairie fire and is twice as wild.

You’ll blaze through more over-banked turns than you can shake a stick at, followed by an inverted barrel roll. As if this weren’t enough, the Iron Rattler drops a staggering 171 feet while twisting 81 degrees—enough to make even the toughest cowboy holler! If you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open, you’ll see incredible views of the park and the towering quarry wall as you whiz by.

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SUPERMAN™ Krypton Coaster

Hold onto your capes, thrill-seekers! SUPERMAN Krypton Coaster is all about the exhilaration of flight. This coaster has an alter ego as one of the “craziest rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.” That’s because the SUPERMAN Krypton Coaster has no floors—just wide-open skies to soar. 

You’ll need that space because you’re about to hit speeds faster than a speeding bullet as you conquer one of the tallest 360 vertical loops in the universe. 

Hang on tight as you go “up, up and away,” sailing through 145 feet of loop-de-loop excitement. Are you ready to feel like a real-life superhero? Now’s your chance!

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There are giants, and then there’s Goliath—an adrenaline rocket that’s not for the faint-hearted.

If you’re courageous enough to take on this beast, you can say goodbye to right side up. 

After you load into your swinging, suspended chair, you’ll take a 10-story lift to the top. Then, brace yourself for an 80-foot curving plunge that flows into a 360-degree loop.

But that’s just the beginning! Goliath packs a mind-bending maze of twists, turns and loops, including a gravity-defying DNA helix AND a double set of corkscrews. This extreme roller coaster is one of the most intense rides in the park, giving you a taste of 4Gs as you dart through five jaw-dropping inversions. If you can conquer Goliath, you can conquer anything!

Dr. Diabolical (1)

Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger

Dr. Diabolical claims to have an elixir from the fountain of youth that can make you live forever, and you’re invited to take a sip. But it’s really a ploy to convince unsuspecting visitors to fulfill her evil plan to frighten the world with her menacing creatures.

The mad scientist has built a machine called Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger to harvest human adrenaline and fear in order to nourish her creatures. To start, you’ll plummet face-first down a 95-degree, beyond-vertical drop at 60 MPH. Then you’ll be subjected to an Immelmann inversion, a 270-degree zero-g roll, and a 75-foot near-vertical drop. This coaster packs extreme airtime and extreme thrills! 

Poltergeist New Paint Job


Pure evil or pure fun—only you can decide after riding the Poltergeist! Your spirit may leave your body when this coaster launches you from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. Not to worry, the ghost of P. Vincent Bartholemay will be there to capture your shivering spirit and whisk you away to swirl frantically through the sky together…FOREVER!

Together, you’ll journey through a cobra roll, sidewinder loop, downward spiral, corkscrew, and countless swift reversals.

With its rare “spaghetti bowl” design, the Poltergeist is as unpredictable as the spirits who haunt it. You will levitate right out of your seat as you zoom along a steel track that has been draped and piled on top of itself. This one may haunt you for a long time!

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If you’re looking for a thrilling attraction that truly lives up to its name–this is it! The first thing you will notice about Scream! are its three intimidatingly tall towers. Each tower stands 205 feet in the air and the tower you choose determines what kind of ride you experience.

The Space Shot Tower blasts you straight to the top and then drops you back down, with bounces along the way to give you some airtime between your plunges. Turbo Drop is the best way to get a bird’s-eye view of the park. This tower slowly lifts you inch by inch. You’ll have 10 nerve-wracking seconds to look around before plummeting back down to the bottom. The Combo Tower is the best of both worlds! There’s no wrong choice here–all three towers offer serious hangtime and adrenaline. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Scream! this summer and see if you have what it takes to conquer one of the most extreme rides in the park!

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Honorable Mention: The Joker Carnival of Chaos

Batman’s biggest villain finds amusement in chaos and causes havoc simply for the sake of it. Are you daring enough to take on The Joker and his gravity-dying antics?

The JOKERCarnival of Chaos is one of the world’s tallest pendulum rides, standing at a record-breaking 17 stories tall! The giant disk reaches speeds of up to 75 miles per hour as it whips back and forth.

You’ll go higher and higher as you challenge the principles of order on one of the craziest rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas!  
The Joker’s enigmatic nature and unpredictability are captured perfectly in this heart-pounding thrill ride.

Test Your Bravery at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Do you have what it takes to conquer all six of these action-packed coasters and thrill rides? Get ready to soar through the skies, twist through inversions, and scream with delight as you explore the incredible rides and attractions that make Six Flags Fiesta Texas a top destination for thrill-seekers of all ages.

Scream all season long when you purchase season passes today! 

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