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Just Announced for 2023!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas continues to invest in the guest experience and innovation with the announcement of a robust lineup of exciting additions, and premium enhancements, to the park for the 2023 season,” said Park President Jeffrey Siebert. “A new first-of-its-kind family racing roller coaster and a selection of family waterslides complement new amenities and other improvements that will offer an elevated guest experience, added Siebert. 

World’s First Single-Rail Family Racing Coaster


World’s first-of-its-kind singlerail family racing roller coaster, and Texas’ only racing roller coaster, is coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Created by Skyline Attractions, this unique coaster runs two trains, on two parallel racing and dueling tracks, simultaneously allowing guests to compete and race to the finish. An immersive LED lighting panel display is integrated into the track for an even more dynamic ride experience. The new innovative racing coasters name and theme will be announced in 2023; 


New Fiesta Texas Water Park Kids Area



A thrilling expansion of White Water Bay includes a collection of 11 individual waterslides and raft rides adding millions smiles of fun to the day for younger guests; The names and themes of these water slides will be announced in 2023. 


  • For the littlest thrill seekers – the miniature version of the iconic TornadoWAVE ride – the ProSlide Kidz TornadoWAVE features award-winning TORNADO technology.

KIDZ Tornado 12

  • The KIDZ Tornado 12 miniaturizes the most iconic water ride in the industry for a park’s youngest riders.

KIDZ MiniRiver

  • The KIDZ MiniRIVER allows young riders to enjoy a communal experience as they descend the gently sloped ride with their friends and family.


  • Young guests can enjoy the excitement and competition of a looping, racing experience with the KIDZ OctopusRACER.

KIDZ ProRacer

  • The KIDZ version of ProSlide’s classic ProRACER lets young riders enjoy a multi-lane race with their friends and family.


Enhancements to Existing Attractions


Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster

  • Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster will receive upgraded trains. Other upgrades include an all-new operating system.

Iron Rattler

  • Iron Rattler is receiving a third train. The advantage of this addition is that the attraction can operate with multiple trains during refurbishments. The new train is expected by the end of the year.


  • Boomerang will receive upgraded trains that feature soft harness restraints for a better rider experience. The attraction will also undergo upgrades to its braking system. Much like Iron Rattler, multiple trains for Boomerang keeps the ride in operation during refurbishment schedules.

Fiesta Texas Railroad

  • Work continues on the Fiesta Texas Railroad as the park’s primary Miss Kitty engine was fully restored. They’ve also continued work on the train’s wheels. The park’s second engine, Greta, is also undergoing restoration.

Even More New Park Features


Roller Coaster Coffee

  • Enjoy delicious treats and caffeinated concoctions at the new Roller Coaster Coffee location inside the park.

Esports Attraction

  • A first of its kind at any amusement park, Six Flags Fiesta Texas introduces an innovative e-sports gaming center with state-of-the-art computer equipment. More details coming soon!

Coca-Cola VIP Lounge

  • This new VIP Lounge with exclusive food and drink service and other amenities is available as a complimentary benefit for diamond pass holders or for an additional fee to guests with a single day ticket. More details coming soon!