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San Antonio, Texas

SUPERMAN: Krypton Coaster

Sometimes even a Super Hero needs some space.

Your seats on the largest steel coaster in Texas come in SUPERMAN’s iconic colors of red, blue, and yellow—but unfortunately they don’t come with a floor. This is a floorless coaster so you can experience the way SUPERMAN flies. Against the stunning backdrop of Six Flags Fiesta’s famous quarry walls, you’ll soar up to a skyscraper height of 168 feet. Then get ready to experience the life of a Super Hero first hand, as you fly through the 4,000-foot course.

There is a real feeling of wide-open space as you zoom from one element to the next. The Krypton Coaster truly lets you spread out your cape and fly free through the wind. You are going to need all that space to pick up speed, because you are about to tackle the second tallest 360 vertical loop in the world. That’s a 145-foot tall loop, and no one else on planet Earth gets to do it except you.

By The Numbers

4,025 feet
3 minutes, 20 seconds
Spring 2000
Bolliger & Mabillard

What Our Guests Say

  • "I loved the ride!! It was very exciting to go on, my family loves Superman!"
    - Lelanea P From Roswell, Nm
  • "I really like the way that the track simulated Superman's flying pattern."
    - Ben
  • "The start of the ride tricks you by turning, and then taking you strait down, and into a loop so you loose your stomach!!! It's awesome!!!"
    - Amanda F. From Ms
  • "I really felt that the corkscrews were amazingly smooth. They filled the ride with suspense, and kept it thrilling."
    - Lexie M.
  • "I love the Superman ride! Going up, and then diving off a cliff is pretty amazing! The amount of tips, turns, and upside-down time on this ride makes it a long, FUN, near-flight experience. Up, up, and away!"
    - Sally T From Arlington, Tx

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