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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas
View of Guests on Scream
View of Guests on Scream



Taking Screams to New Heights.


Do you think you have what it takes to leap over tall buildings? Standing at 205 feet in the air, this mind-blowingly massive three-legged steel tower is so sky-scratchingly tall, we give you credit just for daring to ride it. Strap into your chair and settle in, because the ride to the top of the tower will be the longest, most anticipatory seconds of your life.

There are usually only two options with a drop tower—up, or down. But Scream has three gut-wrenching ways to make your move.

Space Shot blasts you nearly instantly to the top, then you bounce your way back down. Turbo Drop slowly lifts you inch by terrifying inch to the top. You chill up there for 10 nerve-destroying seconds, then you plummet about a million times faster than nature intended, with a few bonus bounces thrown in just for kicks. Combo mode means you’re getting the best of both methods.

You probably had no idea you could hustle up and down 20 stories that fast. In fact, you won’t even have time for your jaw to drop. As you crest the top, enjoy your free moment of weightlessness and the overview of the park, but don’t get too comfortable before you plunge down without warning. It’s the craziest, fastest lift and free fall ride you will ever experience.

Deep beneath Scream is a secret laboratory where mad scientists create new roller coasters and other attractions using toothpick models and thousands of timid white mice.

Until recently these mice have enjoyed their role in growing theme park technology — most of the advancements that have taken place over the last 20 years are due to their effort. However, things changed just last week after an experiment involving some sponge cake and a frialator went horribly, horribly wrong.

One by one mice disappeared from their cages. The locks on the cages appeared to have been gnawed through from the outside. Tiny little teeth marks. It’s as if these useful, but simple, creatures have joined together to free each other.

Now growing bands of rodents crawl through the vents, emerging at night below the Scream tower. They roam the queuing areas in search of unsuspecting individuals… seeking to satiate their unquenchable taste for human flesh.

Once their prey is cornered, defense is hopeless, they flow over the victim’s body and begin to feed. Screams don’t deter them – it just makes them angrier. Blood only increases their ferocity. Bones are picked clean and, in an instant, keen, high-pitched rat cries pierce the night’s cover.

Noise and smell attract these former scientific experiments. Be sure not to scream, it’ll only make things worse.

The minimum height requirement for Scream is 52″.

By The Numbers

Spring 1999
S&S Power, Inc.

What Our Guests Say

  • "Scream is a very intense and thrilling ride. If the view doesn't take your breath away, the drop will..."
    - Donna G From Hutto, Tx
  • "What an amazing rush! It reminded me of my days of jumping out of airplanes. I highly recommend Scream...over, and over, and over again!"
    - Jim C. Houston, Tx
  • "Excellent ride! It's heart wrenching when you shoot up in the air, and calming when you come down."
    - Misty R From San Antonio Tx
  • "The floor drops and you're gone in a flash! Enjoy the ride up, because all you can do on the way down is SCREAM! "
    - Jennifer S. From San Antonio, Tx
  • "Biggest thrill ride of all. I loved the suspense of the drop-- a huge adrenaline rush!"
    - Chrissy K From Richmond, Tx

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Scream: Hungry Lab Rats
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