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The Ride May Operate Intermittently Throughout The Day

Not All Show & Scenic Elements Of This Attraction May Be Functioning

Your Patience Is Appreciated

Evil has a new home! After more than 20 years of spirits passing through this dilapidated manor, a presence with more rage…more energy…and more sinister intentions has taken over. His name is P. Vincent Bartholemay.

Your visit to this malevolent mansion begins as you traverse down a meandering path through a decaying cemetery with great mausoleums of those who came before you and met their untimely end.

Take no heed to the angry spirits in the garden…some still living. Their words of warning are nonsense. Have no doubt that they remain under Mr. Bartholemay’s control.

As you approach the front door, you’ll find the house stewards to be very welcoming. After all, these depraved servants are trapped on this tainted tract of land and are literally starving for your company.

They all just want you to feel welcome. There is plenty of room for all your souls.  If and when the staff get too close for comfort, please be assured that the ghost of P. Vincent Bartholemay will be there to capture your shivering spirit and whisk you away to swirl frantically through the sky together…FOREVER!

We really hope you like what he’s done to the place. Evil attracts evil… It’s time to release the Poltergeist!

Stats For The Earthly:

  • Poltergeist’s linear induction motor system launches riders from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds.
  • Poltergeist is laid out in a rare “spaghetti bowl” design with track that is literally draped and piled on top of itself.
  • Ride elements include a cobra roll, a sidewinder loop, a downward spiral, a corkscrew and countless swift reversals. 
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Ride Info


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2705 ft
1 min 15 sec
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