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Have a seat, but don’t get too used to having your feet on the ground, because SUPERGIRL™ Sky Flight is about to take off. Fly like the Girl of Steel as you are lifted 200 feet up in an open-air seat, spinning around the themed tower as you take in jaw-dropping panoramic views of the park.

Flying 40 stories high with the wind in your hair, you will feel like you might actually be from Krypton yourself. The higher you get, the faster you spin, so by the time you reach the top, you will be soaring around the center base at 35 miles per hour.

SUPERGIRL™ Sky Flight lets you feel like a superhero, granting you the power of flight for 2 minutes before gracefully landing back on earth, much like SUPERGIRL herself.

CYBORG™: Cyber Revolution
You’ve never seen a ride quite like CYBORG™: Cyber Revolution. Witness a feat of technology much like CYBORG himself, as the ride’s arms spin around each other while the ride rotates.

Riders sit on gondolas, which remain upright, at the end of one of four arms. Each of these arms swing around each other in a circular motion in fast, intermeshing orbits, creating a hypnotic look and feel. That’s not all, though, as while the arms move around each other, the entire ride itself spins, adding yet another dimension of movement.

This CYBORG-inspired blend of man and machine is just as mesmerizing to watch as it is to ride, with its dizzying spins and intertwining motion. CYBORG™: Cyber Revolution is a unique experience designed for families and children brave enough to take it on.

SHAZAM™: Tower of Eternity
Billy Batson is an average teenage boy who has a not-so-average superhero alter ego: The all-powerful (and adult) SHAZAM. SHAZAM™: Tower of Eternity is a high-flying drop tower experience for both kids and adults, inspired by its titular hero.

Riders of all ages are lifted 70 feet above the ground to the tower’s apex, before experiencing an exhilarating series of bounce and drop sequences. This ride is exciting enough for seasoned thrill seekers and young heroes alike.

METROPOLIS™ Transit Authority
Take in the sights of the DC™ Universe area from the comfort of the METROPOLIS™ Transit Authority. Commute like Clark Kent and see the most heroic area of Six Flags Fiesta Texas from above.

The train is both a relaxing, slow-moving ride and an entertaining experience, as travelers glide [?] feet above the park. Enjoy bird’s-eye views of your favorite attractions as you make your way around the area, getting the same high-flying perspective as the hero of Metropolis, SUPERMAN.

For a break between thrills and a one-of-a-kind view of the DC™ Universe, hop aboard the METROPOLIS™ Transit Authority.

GREEN LANTERN™ Emerald Flight 
Before he became the GREEN LANTERN, Hal Jordan was a test pilot. On GREEN LANTERN™ Emerald Flight, you can experience the origins of this iconic hero aboard your own airplane.

Set your sights on the big blue sky in mini-planes just big enough to lift little heroes in the air. You can fit as many as four co-pilots in each plane. Get ready for takeoff as the propellers whir and engines roar. As you lift off the ground, you’ll fly round and round and up and down with the wind in your hair.

You can go as high or low as you’d like, because you’re flying with the GREEN LANTERN. Prepare for the flight of your life on GREEN LANTERN™ Emerald Flight.

POISON IVY™ Toxic Spin
These plants might look beautiful, but beware—they pack a punch. POISON IVY herself cultivated this sinister garden, so you’re in for a villainous thrill on POISON IVY™ Toxic Spin.

Sit inside your own toxic flower and watch as POISON IVY makes the whole garden grow, lifting you up with Six Flags Fiesta Texas in full view. As you climb higher and higher, like ivy, you’ll reach the top for a spinning, kid-paced ride in the sky.

On POISON IVY™ Toxic Spin, you’ll get a unique perspective of the world beneath you, courtesy of the queen of green herself. Grab your friends and get ready for an intoxicating ride!

THE PENGUIN™: Gotham City Getaway
Quick! Jump into the front seat of THE PENGUIN’s getaway car and help the criminal mastermind escape from BATGIRL on THE PENGUIN™: Gotham City Getaway.

Up to four drivers can ride along on this high-stake chase through Gotham City. On this adventure, you get to steer the car through city streets. But don’t worry — if you take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel to take in the action around you, there’s a rail to keep you from losing your way.

You’ll drive around a few twists and turns as you try to outrun one of Gotham City’s fiercest heroes. Hop in and speed off on a criminally fun joyride with the Gentleman of Crime.

BAT GIRL™: Coaster Chase 
Are you ready to fight crime with BATGIRL? On BAT GIRL™: Coaster Chase, you will join the titular hero in a thrilling race to stop THE PENGUIN.

Hop on for an exhilarating ride around the 278-foot track perfect for the little thrill seekers in your family. Fly with BATGIRL along a swooping curvy ride over a small hill, then drop down a mini-dip and swerve around a curvy bend. The junior drop isn’t too steep, but it is still exciting enough for a stomach-dropping sensation.

This ride is brisk and airy, but not too scary, as you have one of Gotham City’s bravest heroes by your side. Become a hero as you help BATGIRL put a stop to THE PENGUIN’S latest scheme, all while you enjoy an exciting junior coaster.

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