Bahama Blaster

World's steepest water slide towering above a Texas-shaped wave pool.

 Bahama Blaster — brand-new expansion and extreme new water slide complex at White Water Bay. The all-new tropically-themed area in the water park features several new attractions and guest amenities including the extreme thrill slide complex, Bahama Blaster. Bahama Blaster  uses a unique launching capsule to drop riders down an astounding six stories, where they free-fall and twist through loops and coils at 40 miles per hour.

Bahama Blaster is the first of its kind in Texas featuring trap-door-style launching capsules and intense tubes that provide an adrenaline rush like no other. You first step inside one of the four enclosed vertical launching capsules. After the door closes, you face a nerve-wracking countdown, waiting for that heart-pounding moment when the floor unexpectedly drops out below you, sending you free-falling down six stories. The launch programming may be varied to enhance the surprise and anticipation, either launching all four slides simultaneously or in a random sequence. 

Side-by-side with the other riders, you race through enclosed clear tubing as you encounter twists, turns, and looping spirals, before shooting into a splashy pool at the end.

Bahama Blaster is part of the White Water Bay expansion which includes two kids' slides, a VIP cabana village, tiki bar and lounging lagoon.

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