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The Marine World Experience

On Select Dates

The park has limited ride availability during The Marine World Experience. For greater ride availability, please check the operating calendar to visit on a normal operating day.

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The park is hitting the rewind button once again back to 1986 on select afternoons, when the park first opened its gates in Vallejo.  In celebration of the park’s 36-year legacy of educational and thrilling wildlife adventures, guests can explore their wild side by visiting the one of the park’s most famous residents, Cain and the rest of the lion pride or see an incredible athletic display during a presentation of Seals, Sea Lions and Otters. A wide array of animal focused offerings are featured including informative talks with animal care specialists,  up close opportunities to meet and learn more about the animals in the park’s care, and a selection of animal demonstrations.

In addition, a select number of the park’s rides and attractions will be available as well which include: 

  • NEW for 2022! Sidewinder Safari
  • Boomerang
  • The Ark
  • Scat-A-Bout
  • Select rides in Looney Tunes Seaport

 Entry and parking is included for valid Six Flags Pass Holders. Ride and attraction availability is subject to change.