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Holiday Market 2023

Select Dates November - December

Introducing our Holiday Market Place!

‘Tis the season… come one, come all…

Holiday Market Place will transport you back to the Victorian Era with merry characters in beautiful costumes, delightful food, handcrafted wares, and fanciful décor. Whether or not you want to don a top hat or get into a dress, everyone is welcome to partake in the festive revelry. 

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Victorian Christmas Village patrons in period clothing at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


Gourmet cupcakes and brownies. Featuring a special holiday flavor!

Cinnamon Buns
Hot cinnamon buns & bread pudding drizzled with your choice of classic glaze or chocolate sauce.

Tri-Tip & Turkey Legs
Fresh smoked tri-tip sandwiches, turkey legs* and chili.
*As available.

Bangers & Brats
Grilled bangers and brats on a bun with sauteed onions and green peppers.

Soup in a Bread Bowl
Soup in a Bread Bowl with assorted soups: broccoli cheddar, cream of mushroom and tri-tip chili.

Candied Holiday Almonds
Hand crafted, locally sourced almonds roasted fresh with flavors of the holidays. The perfect snack to enjoy while strolling under the glow of over a million twinkle lights.

Jazla’s Coffee House 
Hand brewed artisan coffee, chai, hot apple cider, specialty teas, horchata, hibiscus cooler and lemonade.

Gingerbread and assorted holiday cookies.

Crafts & Retail

Fellowship Foundry
The finest handmade pewter goblets, cups, steins, and jewelry.

Mischief Masks
Hand crafted and highly detailed leather masquerade masks.

Casbah Caravan to Asylum Down
A fine selection of handicrafts from far away Africa. Baskets, leather goods, musical instruments, unique jewelry, clothing, and fabrics.

Broom Magic
Handmade in the USA; our brooms are a sustainable craft that you will feel good about owning. A variety of hand stitched brooms, carved walking sticks and more.

Hearts Delight
Handmade attire and accessories for any occasion.

Fairies Delight
Handmade children’s attire, fairy wings and flower crowns.

Handmade attire in the Steampunk and Victorian theme.

Coin Strike
Hand crafted fine medallions forged with a Leonardo Da’ Vinci style coin hammer. Choose two images for your medallion minted with a 150lb. hammer smashing metals at 73 miles an hour.

Primrose Pavilion
Handmade, one of a kind, and limited-edition hats and accessories.

Handmaking leather and fabric costume pieces and accessories using mainly salvaged scrap and upcycled materials. We offer pocket belts, shoulder holsters, ruffle tops, bustles and much more!

Whirlwood Magic Wands
Hand-carved, hardwood magic wands from a duo of fine artists, for witches and wizards of all magical persuasions.

Blue Moon Perfumes
Perfumes, candles, oils, bath salts and gift baskets.

Puzzle Rings
Puzzle rings and Celtic jewelry.

Cuthbert Wool & Fiber
Hand spun and hand dyed wool.

Cuthbert Tea
Tea accessories.

Unique handmade jewelry, exceptional quality pewter flasks and, last but not least, the devilishly cunning patented hairspiral.

Bad Hatter Dude
Exceptional quality hand crafted hats for the discerning lady and gentlemen – Victorian, steampunk, pirate and supreme quality fur felt western.

Bone Pins
Custom carved bone pins.

Dragonflylola Artistry Face and Body Art
The best in face and body artistry – Face painting, Henna, Jagua, Glitter Tattoos and Festival Bling. Come and get your sparkle on!