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Wyatt the wolf in sitting in some ivy

Wolf’s Den

Meet Arya and Wyatt, the resident Gray Wolves of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Arya is a three-year-old female with lighter colored fur. Wyatt is a seven-year-old male with darker colored fur.

Arya and Wyatt were both born at other animal facilities within the United States and moved to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom when they were only a few months old. They both enjoy interacting with our Animal Care Specialists and even go on walks around the park when it is closed. Their favorite activities include running, wrestling with one another and destroying things for fun. On hot days, they both enjoy the water. Wyatt likes to lay down and relax in shallow pools of water, while Arya prefers to splash around and play with water as it comes out of a hose.

Our Animal Care Specialist spend a lot of time with these animals and develop strong trust relationships. We do a lot of training to enable our team to interact with them in a safe and nurturing manner. 

Animal Fact

Near Tava's Jungleland, Lion's Lair and Cougar Rocks
About Wolves

  • Scientific Name: Canis Lupus
  • Size
    • 2.5 feet tall 
    • 5-6 feet long
    • Male adults can range from 66-180 lbs. Female adults can range from 51-120 lbs.
  • Running Speed: 31-37 mph

Fun Fact

Gray wolves are native to North America and Europe, with five subspecies that can be found here in the United States. They can vary in both size and color depending on their native habitat.

Conservation Status

Gray Wolves are classified as federally endangered.


Wolves are carnivores and primarily feed on large animals such as deer and elk. Because of this, Arya and Wyatt are fed raw red meat.

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