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guests looking into Stingray Bay at Six Flags

Stingray Bay

Head on over to the bay where the stingrays play.  Here, you will get to meet the Southern Stingrays up close. Native to the Atlantic Seaboard all the way from Brazil to New England, these aquatic animals can range from 25lbs to 214lbs.

Do you know how to tell the difference between the males and females? Male Southern Stingrays can grow up to two and a half feet in wingspan, with thinner skin and two claspers under their tail. The females can grow up to a sprawling six feet in wingspan with thicker skin and vents instead of claspers.

These fascinating creatures possess some truly remarkable feats. Southern Stingrays possess the ability to always find true north as they can tap into the earth’s magnetic field. They are highly intelligent as can be noted by their distinctive personalities. Our resident Stingrays also possess a talent for the arts as many of them have been trained to paint.

Guests who visit Stingray Bay can have the opportunity to pet these animals in their shallow pool area. We require that all participants wash their hands at our provided stations both before and after interacting with the stingrays. This is for the safety and cleanliness of our guest as well as our animal ambassadors. Explorer Guides are present at the exhibit to answer any questions and help you get to know these animals.

Animal Fact

About Stingrays

  • Scientific Name: Hypanus Americanus
  • Size
    • Maximum disc width of 6.6 feet
    • Weight up to 217 pounds
  • Swimming Speed: up to 30 mph

Fun Fact

Stingrays can breathe without moving. 

Conservation Status

Southern Stingrays are considered “Data Deficient”, meaning there is not enough data to determine their conservation status.


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