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Backstage Safari

Have you ever wanted to learn what goes on behind the scenes at  Six Flags Discovery Kingdom? Now is your chance! 

Backstage Safari allows our guests to meet some of the unique and exotic animals that are in the care of the Animal Specialists at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! 

This educational program gives a behind the scenes look at how the park cares for the animals, their individual stories and the importance of protecting their counterparts in the wild.   

A typical tour may include the following animal areas but this is subject to change and animal availability: 

  • Lion behind the scenes 
  • Giraffe feed behind the scenes 
  • Reptile interaction 
  • Vet clinic tour


There are no refunds. 
We understand things come up that are out of your control. You can reschedule your program 72 hours or more from your original reservation date and time. There will be no rescheduling accepted with less than 72 hours’ notice 

For general questions or any special accommodations, please contact:  [email protected]or 707-556-5434

Animal Fact

  • Lions are the only cats who roar together
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